Dr. Caitlin R. Kight
Author, science communicator, Head of Communications/Marketing (College of Life and Environmental Sciences) at the University of Exeter

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I am originally from The Plains, Ohio, USA, where I graduated from Athens High School in 1999. I obtained my B.S. in biology from Haverford College after completing a senior thesis examining the spatial and temporal movements of bird populations in response to urbanization near the college woods. While at Haverford, I ran on the track and cross country teams, sang in the a cappella group The Oxford Blues, and both performed in and directed the Haverford College Musical Review. During my summers, I worked for the Institute for Bird Populations at their Madison, Indiana and Shenandoah National Park MAPS stations, and was an intern at Blackwater National Wildlife Refuge. In the fall of 2005, I was awarded an M.S. in biology from the College of William and Mary for my thesis "Effects of Human Disturbance on the Breeding Success of Eastern Bluebirds (Sialia sialis)". In the winter of 2010, I successfully defended my doctoral dissertation, "Acoustics of Anthropogenic Habitats: The Impact of Noise Pollution on Eastern Bluebirds." After spending eight months as a freelance science editor for Editage, I began a two-year postdoctoral fellowship work at the University of Exeter, thanks to funding from the National Science Foundation. After wrapping up my research in July 2012, I returned to full-time freelance science editing and writing before being hired as an associate lecturer, then an administrator, and then a marketing and communications manager, by the University of Exeter (Penryn Campus). I moved to up to the University's Streatham Campus in 2016 to begin a new role in the strategic marketing team. In my (limited) free time, I am a reader, a blogger, a photographer, a birder, a needleworker, a musician, a cook, a petsitter, and a tea fanatic.

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